1839 BROWNSBORO RD • LOUISVILLE, KY 40206 • 502.584.3332


The Who, What and Where

Kremer's Smoke Shoppe has been serving up great cigars, pipes and tobacco since 1914! With one of the largest cigar selections in the region, you will definitley find what you are looking for.


We are convenientally located at 1839 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40206. Find us


Our History

In 1914 Frederick Kremer opened a pool hall on 4th street, that also sold tobacco products. In 1916 they decided that they could do well in the tobacco business and opened up a shop on the corner of Preston and Jefferson in downtown Louisville. They remained in this location until 1962 when the interstate encroached on their property.


Rather than becoming a "drive through smoke shop", they decided to move. They moved the store to the corner of Market and Preston, remaining there for six years. In 1968 they moved again to the corner of Preston and Liberty streets. In 1975 current owner, Gayle Sallee, came aboard and took ownership in 1982. In 1997 Kremer's moved another time in the old Haymarket retail area, again on the corner (just the opposite corner this time) of Preston and Jefferson. Most recently, the new downtown-Ohio-River-Bridge project took the property at Preston and Jefferson. The shop is now located in a great location situated at 1839 Brownsboro Road.


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